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Pacquiao vs Mosley – The match between Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley would have been awaited by many people. The Filipino fighter who has a full weapons would be difficult for Mosley who will be his opponent. Currently Pacquiao trainer is very pleased to see the preparation of his men. This was his expression when Pacquiao’s training session. “He is ready to fight”, said the Roach, coach of Pacquiao. That means the fight will be held on May 7, it certainly will give a fierce fight between the combatants.
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Roach the coach was let Pacquiao in a debate session with Shawn Ray Porter and Beltran. It certainly illustrates that the coach is very confident in the ability of Pacquiao. Something he saw that something was going to be fine when the

Pacquiao vs Mosley Live Streaming

Until now the coach is still confident boxer from the Philippines was able to cope with Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand Responding to the prospective opponent, Shane Mosley, Roach said that he is a great boxer. Experience of Mosley certainly is an assessment for yourself how great he could fight in the ring. Endurance that he has and of course, a severe shock which can make the opponent KO also be wary of Pacquiao.

After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, this time Pacquiao was studying the techniques that will be used to beat Shane Mosley is very popular with hard knocks and strong durability. Therefore, Roach pass must be able to prove that Pacquiao is a fighter petarungnya No. 1 and ready to blow up all the skills when Pacquiao vs Moesley fight live streaming.

We await further updates from the fight between Pacquiao vs Mosley on World Welterweight Championship on May 7, 2011. Who is your candidate? We expect them to fight with sportive and should be ready to accept defeat.

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